The most common measuring instruments


Control and Measurementinstruments are classified according to such criteria: a method for obtaining information on the nature of the measured value, location, metrological purposes. To date, the production and construction is simply not possible to do without measuring instruments and tools. The best known are, TESA, INSIZE, Helios Preisser, HASLER, MITUTOYO.

The most common measurement tools:

  • Measuring range — tool allows you to measure the linear dimensions;
  • Calipers — tool allows opredilit external dimensions parts;
  • odometer — the device allows you to measure the sinuous curved segments;
  • Malka — tool allows you to transfer sizes of angles with the details on the workpiece;
  • Micrometer — measuring toolup to 0.01 mm;
  • Nutromer — tool allows you to measure the internal dimensions of parts with an accuracy of 0.5 mm;
  • Plumb — tool allows you to check the verticality of structures such as brickwork, posts, poles and etc.p.;
  • Stove marking — adaptation to mark up;
  • Verification ruler — tool allows you to check the straightness of the surface;
  • Prism screening and razmёtochnaya — etc.isposoblenie for checking and marking of cylindrical parts and shafts;
  • rezbomerom — tool for measuring pitch inch or metric thread;
  • Surface gauge bench — tool for spatial layout details;
  • level (spirit level) — the device allows you to determine the horizontal surface;
  • Elbow-tsentroiskatel — tool for finding the center of cylindrical parts;
  • Elbow bench — toolfor marking and checking angles;
  • The compass marker — Marking Tools in the form of circles and arcs;
  • Scriber — Marking Tools as Chertok;
  • Caliper — instrument for measuring the depth of internal and external dimensions with an accuracy of less than 0.1 mm.

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