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Hong Kong or Hong Kong is one of the largest cities in China and one of the largest economic and financial cCentralized world. Despite the special, a kind of autonomous status in China and the Association in the world with the financial sector, as well as the center of activities of Chinese organized crime groups - triads, Hong Kong is also one of the most interesting tourist destination. The first thing to remember geographical location of the city, mostly washed by the waters of the seas, and racesposition other than the mainland, more than 250 islands. which is simply breathtaking may surprise even the most demanding tourist. Among the main attractions of Hong Kong, which should definitely pay attention and allocate part of the holiday, the following:

  • Avenue of Stars . The fact is, perhaps, somewhat strange, especially for the average European citizen, but according to statistics, Hong Kong is consistently ranked in the top three along with Bollywood (India) and Hollywood (in the US). In such circumstances, rely on a monopoly in such a perpetuation of the life and achievements of Hollywood actors clearly Comditsya;
  • Victoria Peak . Mountain height of about 554 meters, is the highest point of the city;
  • Hong Kong aquarium . Water park, among a lot of fish, rich in attractions;
  • Disney . Megaamusement park, designed in the spirit of Disney World;
  • Ladies Market . Specialized marketplaces where every woman will find everything you need from hairspray to elegant dress;
  • Exhibition Center . One of the most famous, loved ones in the most importants in the ceremonial plan met;
  • Wong Yuen Temple . Conglomerate Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism in the same area.

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