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Technology and Science so much influence on the livess contemporaries, sometimes without them is simply not possible to imagine the leisure of a single person or organization. This, one might even say, the total penetration of digital automation technology to the masses even 20 years ago, it seemed just another portion of science fiction in the style of Bradbury, Wells, Verne. But time is relentless, and progressswift to such an extent that virtually everyone, even agriculture, building a personal computer (no matter in what form - block PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and as promptly implemented online. At a time when technology is updated almost hourly, to work through their compatibility at the level of software (PC SOFTWAREechenie) - peripherals (motherboard, keyboard, mouse, CPU). For this purpose there is a process such as testing. The process is, in principle characteristic for the production of any product prior to its market introduction in mass. It uses a wide audience, so-called beta-testers that all possible and impossible odBami looking for vulnerabilities in software. Quite naturally, in terms of general information, there is penetration of automated technology and testing process. To do this, set up special software solutions that have a common logical analysis algorithms, but for quality testing and evaluation of the results can not do withouttrained testers - operators are tested. These experts have successfully prepared on the basis of the center of QA Start Up:. The main goals and directions of the center is to train professionals in the field: software testing (based on QA Testing), automated testing (platform Selenium, Python), knowledge of software protocols UNIX, SQL, as well as networking technologies. Center prepares first-class and in-demand professionals, which is especially important in light of the proliferation of IT technologies in the world.

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