Magic fragrance from Thierry Mugler


Every day we are surrounded by thousands of scents of nature but we are in constant search chegabout something new, creating an exceptionally individual scents perfume. In the fashion world quite a lot of manufacturers of perfumes, but only a few of this cohort can boast exceptional quality and global recognition (eg, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Lacoste). One of the trendsetters in the perfume industry is considered to be a trademark (Terri Mugler). Founder and inspirer of separation perfumes fashion house Mugler, is the famous French designer Thierry Mugler, and fashion designer. His first and perhaps the most famous perfume - Angel Thierry Mugler, - were created 22 years ago, just to create a perfume studio fashion house. Despite the common misconception about the impossibility CREATEAnia perfect flavor from the first attempt, Monsieur Thierry rattled refuted doubts of skeptics and other "well-wishers". Aroma get canceled, you could even say masterpiece. The new fragrance was and still is in many ways revolutionary, beginning with a stunning combination of flavors of sweets (candy, chocolate, vanilla, etc.), unusual for women etc.Ukhov, blue and complex shape of the bottle. By the way, you are not actively engaged in the creation of perfumes (own flavor), Thierry continued to actively participate in the design of bottles, while remaining head of the division. Besides Angel, Thierry Mugler participated in the creation of no less popular, fragrances maRCTs as Alien, A * Men, Mugler Cologne.

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