What is reverse osmosis


Ever since school course in chemistry and physics, we should be known (at least in passing) is such a thing as reverse osmosis. The essence of the process concludeprises passing pressurized liquid solution through the membrane from a less concentrated in the concentrated state. When the membrane passes a solvent solution in whom often acts water, and with it, only in the forward direction, while the dissolved solids (precipitate) is collected in the chamber of excess concentratsii. This method is widely used in cleaning systems himvodo, in both industrial and domestic scale. You probably should not focus on what place in human life and processes of any enterprise is water. In modern conditions the quality is poor, and therefore, for the health of the bodybut also to prevent premature failure of process equipment, used filter units based on osmotic method. By the way, please visit: slony.com.ua.

cleaning technology based on reverse osmosis actively used in the following areas:

  • Water . In addition to the main water purification, reverse osmosis is a fairly effective means for desalination of sea salt water;
  • Drainage and Sewerage . Osmosis is used to purify waste water from salts;
  • Foodindustry . Since the method of osmosis involves changing the concentration of the initial and final solutions, the method is actively used to increase the concentration of juices;
  • Health . With the help of osmotic water filter sterilization takes place, it is a deeper cleaning.

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