World War III

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The whole history of mankind - it is, in fact, the history of the military, which Liudi are not stopping in different parts of the world, for several thousand years. The reasons for military action may be completely different - from religious, national or territorial disputes, to a real war for resources. Minor skirmishes or military conflicts occur regularly, but the war, truly comprehensive history of the family washuman is not so often - with the appearance of another dictator or superpolkovodtsa conqueror. So it was in the days of Ancient Persia, Ancient Rome, the Crusades, the Mongol conquest, the Hundred Years War. All these wars covered a lot of soldiers, but did not have such a destructive, debilitating and pervasive consequences for the world community,as a truly world war: first, that brought irretrievable losses of around 18-20 million. human lives, and second, by far the most bloody military campaign, which is a total "wiped out" more than 60 million. people worldwide. It is clear that since then, especially considering the arms race, "cold war" andaggravation of the situation in recent years, actively rumors and conjecture about the possible (and possibly imminent all-out war of the new century) - 3rd World War. What really distinguishes this hypothetical conflict from all its predecessors - is the use of high-tech weaponry, until the weapons of mass destruction. Is Thiscontributes very   solid hypothetical nuclear potential rivals in the first place - Russia and the United States, and yet - China, India, Pakistan ... the list goes on, but a global catastrophe that threatens a very fine line between hostility and the world really looks scary (if not to say the least). Stress points on the planet agesso with each passing day, remember though, would be the freshest conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has indirectly implicated and Russia (although it directly shows aggression), and the United States and Europe. Those precedents which have created this conflict, threatening redistribution of world security system in general, because, as experience shows, even at the highest level agreement not toThe ability to guarantee peace.

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