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It used to be the art of photography was given to the elect, cameraswere huge, and the process of photographing had to thoroughly rely. At the present stage of the same, camera   there is almost everyone (well, if not human, then the family so well). Their sizes have become more compact (even for SLR photography), and the possibility of obtaining images intuitive, automated, absoluteBut regardless of the need to use photographic material. Naturally, in such circumstances, anyone can create their masterpieces though the clock. At the same time, sooner or later, there comes a time when a simple picture in a frame is not enough, especially looking at the masterpieces of the post-processing professional photographers.It is clear that the pros use specialized software, having, besides specific knowledge and skills. Just a person who, in principle, in its camera uses mostly automatic shooting modes - is often quite prohibitive intellectually work. All that is needed - this software will provideSinging with the intuitive user-friendly interface, simple set of effective tools and templates for creating pictures with special effects elements. The optimal solution is to program « Home Photo Studio & raquo ;, which is a decent photo editor, also with Russian menu, by the way, you can download it. In « Fot HomeCool » Everything that is useful to a beginner photographer: viewing, editing, retouching, creating templates, collages, cards, add effects, and more. &Laquo; Home Photo Studio » will be an excellent analogue Photoshop, and other Laytrumu fotomonstram that require time and money for the full development.

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