Brief biography of Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Quite a lot of iconic personalities to world culture, gave the land the land pENGLISH (as it is now fashionable to say). One of those nuggets can safely assume that Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who is one of the greatest Russian and world writers. Which will be presented below, familiar to any student in the first place, thanks to the novel "Crime and Punishment", but a wider range of connoisseurs SunRemember those immortal novels as "The Insulted and Injured," "idiot," "The Brothers Karamazov" and others.

biography of Dostoevsky

future writer was born in 1821 in Moscow, is the second child in a large family of Michael and Maria Dostoevsky. In addition to his family had  seven brothers and sisters. Mother instilled quite painful boy love of literature and writing, which largely predetermined his future. His childhood was not easy, despite the title of nobility and have no father's name. At age 15, he lost his mother, and 2 years later his father died. Since that time, he and his elder brother moving to St. Petersburg, whereFedor studies in military engineering school. At the same time, he tries his hand at literature, translating the works of Balzac in the Russian language. In 1843, it was written first novel « Poor people & raquo ;, and after some 6 years - « & raquo ;, Idiot written under the influence of hard labor. After serving his sentence, Fyodor Mikhailovich and his wife Uplandinverting in St. Petersburg, where his brother works in the magazine « Time & raquo ;. The next 5 years will be heavy in psychological terms (due to death of his brother and his wife) and finance (constant drain gambling budget). Under the influence of these events are born « Crime and Punishment » and « player & raquo ;. In the last years, withnew wife, he lives in the Nizhny Novgorod region, rather fruitful work in the literary field (during this period he created his own, probably the best novel - « The Brothers Karamazov »). Writer died in 1881 from acute illness, leaving about 50 novels, diaries, poems.

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