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The world has become very dynamic, volatile and demanding. Thanks againopment of technology and transportation, opened hitherto unknown, or at least difficult frontiers. You can, of course, to mention travel and tourism, which were unthinkable available, but in this article lead speech on such an integral party of any country, its economy and its component parts - the exchange of goods. None of us, except that hasti, which professionally involved in this process, not even close reflects how the shops gets food, household appliances, clothing and other goods group. Meanwhile, in order to modern man indulged in the opportunity to acquire the goods, it is necessary to correctly organize its delivery. In order tos were able to buy imported goods in his shop, the shopkeeper must, so the product you turned on the counter of his shop. The scheme of movement of goods from producer to final consumer, except for the various intermediaries, inevitably includes the step of transportation, which is carried out with the assistance of a personal delivery service, or intermediaryth logistics freight forwarding company. In general, the method of delivery is determined, in fact, the type of cargo, its transportation and availability of similar characteristics. Based on these conditions, as well as paving the optimal, the ratio of the time - money, route, transport of goods can be one of the following operating systemsmainly modes of transport: road transport, aviation, railway, shipping (river and sea). To work more effectively and eliminate possible trouble, especially when crossing the border, logistics companies often take on such responsibilities as clearance and cargo insurance, preparation of necessary supporting and letbelorussian documentation. In addition, the sender as the recipient may at any time to track the movement of cargo.

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