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In this world, the main task of man, as well as any Ms. otherV?g? beings is the preservation and continuation of the species. It is critically necessary step that affects the preservation of the population. And just here between man and other living beings can be traced difference: any animal is guided, first of all, the fundamental laws of nature, while the person is trying to bend the laws ond itself. Man is the most complex and development of the body, but, as it happens in very complex systems - the possibility of certain violations especially in infancy. Among these pathologies highlights speech disorder. That is to say, under the domain of speech therapy - science of medicine dealing with the problems of pronunciation and speech disorders, etc.richiny their occurrence and treatment of relapse. But the doctor who zanimaetsya treatment of this disease is called a speech therapist. By the way if you need to be the best choice - namely, child development center « Ordinary Miracle & raquo ;. It is one of the most important functions in the life of the child and the person, and its development must go through several keyevyh stages (from indiscriminate babble to clear words and sentences). Possible violations of the function of speech is a lot of, like, and how to classify them. They can be considered as clinically (violation of an oral or written speech apparatus), and psychological (failure in communication means or mechanism of their application) perspective.

The major violations speech directly involved in speech therapy practice include:

  • violation pronunciation of sounds (dislasiya, Nasality, dysarthria);
  • violations tempo-rhythmic component (stuttering);
  • violation of voice features (aphonia, dysphonia);
  • collapse of speech (aphasia);
  • underdevelopment of speech ;
  • violation of reading or writing the function (dyslexia, dyslexia, andgraphy).

Right, and most importantly, timely, the development of speech function plays an important role in the future social adaptation in a team (kindergarten, school, university, work, etc.).

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