Xenon Lamps and their benefits

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The modern world dictates the conditions in respect to theomforta, but most of this concept invariably associated with increased energy consumption (primarily, meaning electricity). This is due to the fact that most appliances and devices that generate a desired comfort, can not work without a source of electrical energy. If we consider in this case, as far as each individual circleflushes itself "necessary" and how many electrical appliances in general the world's population actively uses it, it is particularly acute question arises of the most energy savings. It concerns not only home appliances, automotive and equipment, because the car in general, it is also comfortable. The most energy-intensive equipment is considered to be a vehicle toomplex lighting, especially passing / driving light. In great demand among motorists are energy efficient, bright Xenon discharge or simply xenon. By the way (Xenon) can be online store ILIDAN.com.ua.

The advantages over conventional xenon lamps staff:

  • half the power consumption;
  • a brighter light output (usually 3-4 times);
  • close to the optimum in terms of the physiology of the human eye, the color temperature;
  • long termservice (depending on the model, at 5-10 times as compared with a conventional lamp).

In addition, the very design of the lamp, more specifically, the implementation of the principle of incandescent exclude the presence of the filament, and this in turn makes the xenon lamp more resistant to vibration, condensation, temperature changes. These things novshesTVO is absolutely compatible with any type of vehicle, as is done in a similar cap xenon regular incandescent lamp base.

When selecting xenon, in addition to price, it is necessary to consider two important points:

  • color temperature (the best option is to 4300-5000 K), since its growth is directly proportional to reduce the brightness and illumination;
  • presence headlight washer that will eliminate any interference that may act as a diffuser rays.

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