What are flame monitor


According to the standards in the industry gas-powered (ie,ochnee, gazoszhigayuschego) equipment mandatory element of design and process control combustion gas sensor is performing. By its very function, flame monitor, which is often a component of the unit and the ignition combustion control is a safety device, without which it is impossible (and weeksPermissible) safe operation of the equipment. Monitoring sensors produced set, but all of them can be divided into the following groups according to the principle of control flame (torch):

  • Light (wave) sensors (infrared, ultraviolet) . Sensors that respond to changes ine emission intensity (light flux) of a particular wavelength. Vary respectively along the length of the perceived wave (from ultraviolet to infrared range). Consist of the following main parts as light receiver and transmitter. The sensing element responds to infrared or ultraviolet component of the flameon the basis of this conversion occurs in the current signal;
  • Ionization sensors . Sensors, which detect and analyze such characteristics as conductivity of the flame, or more precisely, a constant current signal, which is directly dependent on the presence or absence of the flame. Valuecurrent, which detects the sensor is compared with a constant (reference required) value, taking into account possible deviations and on the basis of an adjustment Fuel;
  • Photosensors . The sensor is used to monitor the presence of the flame. The most "capricious" group of sensors forSince the installation requires a way to avoid any interference in the path of light rays and, moreover, responsive to any source of light (not necessarily flame). For proper operation requires the installation of additional corrective sensors.

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