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What do we know about the drain gratings

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Each of us is familiar with such natural phenomena asrain. Some people like it, and someone can not stand it, but apart from this there will be rain. This is an important element in the water cycle in nature as well as in the process of plant growth. Yet, despite its importance, the rain, especially strong, has one negative feature - the accumulation of a large volume of water that needs to be somewhere ntinuous take to avoid level rise and flooding. Any house that has a special storm system, and any city - a centralized sewage system. A distinctive feature of urban stormwater systems is the need to equip the branch ducts and shafts receivers water. Of course, for safety and mobilitypeople and transport, all of these holes and pits are required to be closed by special drainage grates. In addition to the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, the grid plays another important role - protecting the system from clogging drainage. And that tells us what are the AK Petrov - member of the Moscow Plant JBI 2. Classification storm, etc.enazhnyh lattices is usually carried out, for two main criteria: the shape (configuration) and the material of manufacture. The shape or dimensions of the lattice regulated cross-sectional shape of the channel or the mine, which it should be closed. As a rule, the dimensions are reduced to the standard arrays, but their shape may be irregular. In terms of the material from kotocerned produced lattice, its choice is governed by the intended service conditions (climatic factors, load). As a rule, for the manufacture of grids used:

  • Cast . Different corrosion resistant and can withstand heavy loads;
  • Stainless Steel . High resistance to corrosion, oxidation, high temperatures;
  • Copper and its alloys . Combines all the qualities of the previous group;
  • Polymeric materials . Cast iron has similar properties but complementtively can change color.

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