What is a consumer loan


Consumer loans called credit, which is issued by the bank whether physicaltsu (not employers) for consumer purposes (buying a refrigerator, a trip to Greece, and so on. d.), which have no relation to the business activities.

Features of consumer credit:

  • issued only to individuals;
  • issued roofingto a bank;
  • to obtain it is necessary to provide a standard list of documents;
  • loan term does not exceed 5 years;
  • method of repayment are only monthly payments;

The most popularkind of loans of this type is a consumer credit for all purposes (immediate needs) . This credit goes to either your plastic card or a cash issue through the cashier of the bank. You, as a borrower, does not acknowledge the use of the money you received. The way to get a loan for urgent needs, you cane in InvestCapitalBank:.

The main characteristics of this loan are:

  • bank predyavit need a certain set of documents;
  • often require disability insurance and credit life;
  • His outstanding in Stazionepolar division of the bank;
  • has a lower interest rate than other consumer loans;
  • is not spontaneous - he planned and has a specific purpose.

Credit for urgent needs are divided into: unsecured - without kakogo-or software and software - give bail auto loan / property (collateral crediting) or on bail of another individual.

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