Major damage to mobile phones

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MobilePhones despite all its advantages have one major drawback - they break down. In this article, Afanasyev MN - The service center MobRem, for example raskazhet us about the most common troubles that you may styknutsya the operation of a mobile phone.

  1. Quite often polopitted are: broken or cracked screen, the appearance of ripples and stripes on the screen . The solution to this problem is to purchase a good cover and care;
  2. buttons do not work, the distortion of the image on the display, the image does not appear - is the most common failure SlyDerov or phone-clamshell. Cause: mechanical damage, wear and tear, hitting the body of moisture or dirt;
  3. buttons stop working - is the most common failure of push-button phones. The reasons for this failure may be: strong, pressing buttons, entering the body of dust orlags;
  4. Often, mobile phones and smartphones broken speaker , that the other party can hear you, but you do not hear. Causes: wear or mechanical damage;
  5. In addition to the dynamics of breaks also microphone , while you hear the caller butSo he can not hear you. Causes: prevent dust or moisture, faulty microphones;
  6. Problems with charging . If charging is unstable or not done at all, it is most likely broken connector. If charging is not performed, but the phone indicates that the charge, then it is likely, or CDFrel controller or broken charging circuit;
  7. The phone does not turn on after replacing independent body . There can advise to make this manipulation in the service center, at what costs it is quite inexpensive, but to repair the phone - not cheap;
  8. Mobile phone restarts itself . The reason - damaged power amplifier. This can occur both due to software failure or due to mechanical damage to the components of the motherboard;
  9. Error SIM-card , when the phone does not recognize it. In this case, simplychanging the SIM-card to a new one. This may be due to the fact that: expired SIM cards, the phone is locked by a particular operator, on the connector on your phone or sim card contacts require cleaning itself;
  10. Mobile phone itself vyklyuchaetsya . The reasons for this problem: defective batterytorus, poor contact with battery, damage to the board;
  11. Phone peregrevaetsya . If your phone does not lay near a heat source, then the problem may be either a faulty charger or battery failure.

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