Snoubutsy - excellent shoes for outdoor activities


Every year we are faced with the off-season - the transition periodfrom winter to spring and from autumn to winter. Changeable weather, cold, wet snow or rain - all of these weather phenomena or replace each other, or "act together". Each of us is faced with a choice of clothing or footwear under such changeable weather. To keep your feet dry, you can, of course, wear rubber boots, but theysolve only half of the problem, since it does not possess the required thermal insulation properties. At the same time, warm boots, and will be unable to carry out long-term moisture proof function. To reach a compromise on this issue can use snoubutsov or, in common, Dutikow. But what kind of shoes such rescue, and even Univrsalnaya? Probably everyone saw in the village saved from the cold and slush - are broken boots galoshes. So, it is not nothing but a modern innovative boots (sewn using modern water-resistant and heat-saving materials and technologies). Like any modern water repellent shoes to represent snoubutsyoboj layered membrane material. The outer layer is made of a textile material, impregnated with special water-repellent mixtures. It has excellent abrasion resistance, retains dryness and removes excess moisture. The middle layer is an aluminized foil extending termobarerom - keeps the heat in and the cold does not miss outout. The inner bowl is made of felt, wool fur adding termovolokon. Plays an important role as sole termoprochnost providing dryness, comfort, stability and mobility. Besides three layer fiber in the shaft has additional air layers (air is bad conductor of heat).

The advantages Dunnoh shoes are:

  • waterproof and heat-saving properties;
  • affordable price;
  • a variety of models to suit every taste and color;
  • simplicity and practicality.

Snoubutss – excellent shoes for outdoor activities and walks in the off-season.

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