The current dollar exchange rate


What is one of the most exciting and globally important issues, not only for the average citizen, but also forthe whole country. The whole point is excessive dependence on the dollar, or rather its course. After all imports from European countries and from Russia, as the most important trading partner arrives in the country for the "green" currency. And in the current environment actually hostilities this course no one can predict, sometimes even the National Bank. For todayday we have the following quotation: 1 dollar is equal to 12.93 hryvnia. But is it tomorrow? The head of the National Bank, Ms. Gontareva in a recent interview expressed the opinion about the course of the order of 12.9 hryvnia per dollar, as rated by recommending rely on its base budget for next year (which by the way now and not far off). Not quiteunderstandable how they are going to hold this course, as already some banks allow themselves to large-scale currency speculation, the result of which it becomes racing course up to 15-16 hryvnia per dollar. All their attempts to control the foreign exchange market at this stage are reduced to limit the sale of foreign currency, as the interbank market, as well as ordinary citizens fromdivisions. Everything would be fine, if extremely unstable situation in the east of the country, which is a daily drain on the treasury and undermines all attempts to control. The economy is clearly not in the best condition, and last but not least, due to the conflict, which has now virtually destroyed the infrastructure of the main industrial and fuel region of the country.

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