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At constant exploitationation cars especially large burden placed on the starter. Breakdowns and malfunctions of a starter occur if the vehicle is used on a daily basis and almost around the clock throughout the day, month and year. Below we consider how to determine that the starter is faulty and how to produce. As well as the alternator, starter experiencing significant mechanical LOADki, and as a result, even minor violations of its mode of operation, affect the quality of his work.

Symptoms starter:

  • after starting the engine starter is not disabled;
  • starter works, and the engine will not start;
  • starter does not work after turning the ignition key.

What should I do if the starter does not work

It is often the main cause of this problem is in violation of the wires that connect the starter with battery. You need to check whether the battery is charged, including lights and sound. If the lights and sound will be weak, then you will need to charge the battery. Also faulty ignition switch also   can not be the cause of tripping starter.

Troubleshooting starter

The starter does not turn . The main reason for this failure is otsutstvie contact, respectively, to correct the faults you need to check all connections and clean them from corrosion, if of course it is, and make sure that the pin is not broken. In case the failure persists, you will need to check the serviceability of a mechanism for ignition and starter switch your.

The starter turns on, but with a low speed . This fault starter needs more attention, because it is often associated with a mechanical deformation. Need to check the viscosity of the oil sump of the engine of your car. It may happen that it does not meet season, then you need to replace it with an appropriate.

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