Window air conditioner


window air conditioners

With the coming a truly summer heat is necessary to purchase a powerful, reliable air conditioner that can radically reduce the temperature indoors. But often, buying a particular air conditioner, the buyers with surprise start to notice that the performance and reliability of this air conditioners is at a minimum acceptable level. Especially it concerns air conditioners of split-system class.
But when we speek about the window air conditioners, all turns in the best way.
window air conditioners

Only window air conditioners have several advantages, which are completely devoid of their close competitors - portable air conditioners and split systems.

Firstly, window air conditioners initially are valued by the fact, that they do not require extensive installation, which is needed to split systems. Sometimes it happens that, the customer having bought in the store split-system, and he has to wait in line for it installation of almost until September, when it starts to be cold.
 But if you stop your choice in favor of window air conditioner, the whole installation takes an hour or two. No more. For this purpose is used a special chassis, on which window air conditioner is set and slides into. The chassis is a steel box made from corners. This box has a roof (often of canvas or plastic) that protects the body and aggregates of air conditioner from the climatic influences. You should call the master from the store (this service is free), as it can quickly cut the glass in the window frame, mount the chassis with screws, install the window air conditioner, to stretch the grounding (which is mandatory!), and connect the device to the electricity. This is all. After that, you can safely use the air conditioner in the summer heat. And do not wait for the autumn, when your turn for the installation of split systems will come.
window air conditionersSecondly, we need to bear in mind that window air conditioners are filled in the factory only by the manufacturer. That is, manufacturer will know exactly how much freon and what kind of freon must be pumped to the cooling system of conditioner and how much freon oil is need for a stable and smooth work of the air conditioner. In the case of split-systems this situation is quite different: master-installers themselves choose the type and quantity of  freon (they often forget to add freon oil), they forget to drain the system of air and water, and after such a filling is not known - how much an air conditioner will be able to work, after it was filled almost in makeshift conditions.
window air conditionersThirdly, window air conditioners are valued by the fact, that they are equipped mostly by the brand compressors which can work smoothly almost a quarter century! And this is not a joke. The first versions of the Soviet air conditioners BC-1500 (nee "Toshiba") have worked and continue to work now. No wonder, that only window air conditioners are produced in USA, and split-system are left for third countries. And what are we worse? Do we have every time to pay for the repair of outdoor unit, dryer repair, and almost every season pour expensive freon in the split-system, which was produced in China?
As can be seen, the benefits of window air conditioner are clear to all. And it's worth one time to fork out for powerful and reliable window air conditioner, and you can be completely confident that in the next quarter of a century it will not need a repairing.

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    Great tips.
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    Catherine,Thank you for the recommendation. I was aualtlcy thinking about purchasing the Propandiol for a solvent. I love ITDF and the Propandiol looks very promising. I've seen the water soluble Salicylic Acid and I saw that Propandiol was the ingredient in it that aualtlcy made it soluble. I'm glad to hear about it from someone who's used it since the site doesn't have any customer reviews. I'll be buying that with my next order from them.Susan,I've read the info on cosmeceuticals and actives, I guess what I'm interested in learning about is more on how to work with them. I just want to throw everything in a face cream! lol but it'd be nice to read more about how much is too much and things like that. I know you've lightly touched on it before. I'd like to see more about how to use them together, when formulating a facial cream for example, loaded with actives and cosmeceuticals. Should you be using the minimum recommended percentage of each when using several together? Another thing I've been trying to work on is a shampoo for shedding hair. Not falling out or breaking, just shedding. Garnier has a new shampoo for that called Fall Fight. Some of the ingredients in it to help prevent the shedding are biotin, caffeine and fruit vitamins. I'd love if you could write a post about formulating a shampoo for that, and also if and what specific essential oils have any benefits for the hair. I haven't found too much info on the subject.Thanks! I'm so glad to know you are getting back to writing and not letting these irrelevant people affect your love for blogging! We are glad to have you back. I've been going through Point of Interest withdraw! :D