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Top 7 extraordinary hotels of the world

Night in an ice bed, in a coffin, in a tree, in a barrel? The hotel should attract the attention. Here is a subjective list of the strangest hotels in the world.

  Hotel made ​​of salt.

hotel made ​​of salt Tauka-de-Salle

In Bolivia, in the desert of Salar de Uyuni, we find one of the most unusual hotels in the world - the hotel Tauka-de-Salle, built entirely of salt. Bolivian desert Salar de Uyuni is called one of the largest in the world. This is a dried salt lake in the Andes. Tauke-de-Salle hotel is located on the north bank of the Salar de Uyuni. Built from blocks of salt and other natural materials of Andes. The hotel has two courtyards, covered with a transparent material that keeps heat. Thick layer of chopped salt, sprinkled on the floor performs a carpet function. All rooms are heated by solar energy. Walls, furniture and floor are made ​​mostly from blocks of salt. Therefore nobody is surprised that in the hotel isn't allowed to lick the wall.

  Hotel made ​​of ice.

ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi

Built of ice and snow, ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden annually attracts tourists with a completely new architecture and landmark. It opened in early December, and completely melts in April. Hotel is made of 3000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. Night at a temperature of -5 degrees on Celsius, combined with Northern Lights - this attraction is not for those "who always freezes". Less brave volunteers can visit the hotel until 18 hours or sleep in heated rooms. In order to comfortably spend the night in the Ice Hotel you should follow a few rules. Clothing should be layered, shoes big enough to fit in the woolen socks and best of all - thermal underwear. Clients receive the appropriate sleeping bag and a warm hat and gloves, and then move on to the ice bed, covered with deer skins. In the morning you drink hot tea with blueberry, and then go to the sauna. The hotel has two restaurants: a warm, with cozy interior with a fireplace, and the cold, in which meals are served on ice plates. In the evening you can have, of course, a glass of wine with ice.

  Hotel on the tree.

TreeHotel hotel on the tree

In northern Sweden, in Harads, you can spend your vacation just on the tree. Owners fo the Tree Hotel built more than a hut in the trees, about which all dreaming in childhood. Famous architects and designers have created a unique, environmental rooms. Tree Hotel consists of six different houses with unusual design. Houses, ranging in size from 15 to 30 square meters, located at the Pines at the height of four to six meters above the ground and provide amazing views. From the outside surprises the house which is called "Mikro сub". This is a mirror cube with a light aluminum structure and glass panels that reflect the sky and the trees growing around. In 2011 was built a new house - "UFO" that looks like a spaceship which landed among the treetops. Tree Hotel is opened all the year round. Due to heating, the cottages in the pines are able to cope with the climate of northern Sweden.

  Hotel from the wine barrels.

Hotel from the wine barrels De Vrouwe van Stavoren

In the Dutch coastal town Stavoren wine lovers will find something for themselves. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren offers accommodation in wine barrels. Huge barrels (capacity of about 14 thousand liters), which was used to store wine, have been renovated and converted into a luxury hotel rooms, now are equipped with TV, radio, shower and toilet. In the barrel there are two single beds, bedside tables and small windows that reeve the aroma of Beaujolais with a fresh air. The smell of red Burgundy wine - is the only one minus for those who are not it fans.

  Hotel on and under the water.

utter hotel under water

Red House is visible on the surface of Lake Malaren in Vasteras, Sweden. The hotel is located on a platform of about 25 square meters. By the looks ugly, it looks like a typical Swedish house, but actually it consists of two parts connected to each other by levels. The platform floats partially above the water surface, while the rest of the hotel is located 3 meters under the water. When you immerse in water then you can enjoy the marine life. The hotel accommodates only two people who can get there only by boat. Kitchen and bathroom are located near the sleeping room (which is under the water). At the upper part you can take a sun baths. Here is the "terrace", on which can be placed large sunbeds.

Japanese capsules.

Japanese capsules

In Japan the residential capsules are looks like a coffins, rather than living rooms. Dimensions of such real estate - is about 2 to 2.5 meters in length, about 1 meter in height and 1 meter in width. There is a mattress of irregular shape, hanging TV, which helps to relax after work, and a small shelf for small items. In the immediate vicinity are located bath and Jacuzzi. Roller blinds are in the capsules, instead of a door. This claustrophobic hotel - is an additional tourist attraction for foreigners. Capsule hotels are located in Tokyo.

Bed in a coffin.

hotel Propeller

In Berlin, you will find the eccentric hotel built by the artist and musician Lars Stroshena. Propeller hotel consists of 35 rooms, each of which has a different convention and decor, as well as its original name, which reflects the dignity of the interior. There you can find rooms in which color plays a major role, a bedroom full of mirrors, as well as rooms in which the bed are partially recessed into the floor. The most attractive is "Tomb" room in which people sleep in coffins. The whole hotel looks like a giant piece of art.

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    Edvard - 6.12.2012, 16:43
    Hotel of glass on the tree is amazing. I remember film Predator where alien used the same masking.
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    Realy cool hotels!!!