Salbyk steppe: Ancient mounds.


Ancient mounds of Salbyk steppe

Ancient mounds of Salbyk steppeMuseum of history - Ancient mounds of Salbyk steppe is located in the open air, includes over sixty mounds scattered across the steppe of Khakassia. Mounds were established as the ancient burials. There is also a place of astronomical observations, and rock paintings - petroglyphs. The museum mainly represents three ancient cultures - Okunev, Tagar and Tashtyk.

All these monuments are recognized as objects of historical and cultural heritage of our country, and are protected by the state. The museum - Ancient mounds of Salbyk steppe includes the following archaeological sites: Badger log mound, Valley of Kings with a centrally located Great Salbyk mound, which includes about 50 ancient tombs and ancient temple complex Zenhyr, Safronovsk burials and some other objects.

Badger log moundBadger log mound - is a monument to the Tagar culture, its base is 4.3 century BC. It is located near the village of Ust-Abakan Moscow region. Disposal area of about 300 square meters, it is fenced with stone slabs embedded in the ground. In the back fence it can be found a large amount of red clay, which was probably used by the ancient builders as binder solution. There is a crypt inside the red square, how the Badger log mound seems to us. The burial chamber is made of larch logs - local tree, which is the most resistant to external influences. Despite two thousand years of its existence, and the numerous pillaging, structure inside the mound preserved in excellent condition.

Great Salbyk moundGreat Salbyk mound is located in the Valley of the Kings and is the best known burial of Tagar culture. This monument is around 2500 years, it was erected for the dead Tagarr leader. The interior space was 4900 square meters, the walls rose to 3 meters and were built of huge slabs with height up to 6 meters. Total height of the hill, was 25 - 30 meters then. Scientists believe that hill had the form of the pyramid. Around the Great Salbyk mound were found about 20 large burials of tribal leaders.

temple complex ZenhyrIn the vicinity of the Prigorsk village is located the temple complex Zenhyr or Uzynhyr. This is ancient city, which is almost completely gone underground. According to scientists, it was built by the representatives of Afanasevo culture, who took the material for the walls of the city on the banks of the Yenisei river, where the ancient quarries were located.

Safronovsk burialsSafronovsk burials - another exhibit of the museum. It age also is 2.5 thousand years. There are a lot of mounds surrounded by stones of 6 meter height, covered with ancient drawings. It is believed that this place was one of the most important centers of the shamanism of ancient inhabitants of Khakassia.

complex Ulug Hurtuyah Tas, Great stone old womanUlugh Hurtuyah Tas is very interesting for tourists historical complex. It is carved out of sandstone statue of a woman (in another was the monument is called "Great stone old woman"). Its height is 3 meters and weighs of the construction is 2.5 tons. To preserve the monument was built a pavilion in the form of yurt, and near it there is a real yurt, which age is over a hundred years.

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