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ideal woman

With a sigh you are looking at the elegant women, which winks you from the TV screen, you think that you are lost for the romantic dates. Of course, you do think that absolutely all of the men trembling with desire when they looking at the same blue screen. This is not entirely true. For example, when you looking at the Picasso painting you admire, but you will not even think to hang it up in your bedroom. In the same way men perceive what is shown on TV only aesthetically and never think about living together with a photo model. So what qualities are important for the strong gender?

ideal womanFirstly, start by breaking stereotypes: not all men like big breast, I can even say, far not alll. Many men do not react to the length of the legs. Hair color is also not a deciding factor. If for you it is so important, then the hair can be repainted. Long live for the chemical industry! Secondly, the myth that men like stupid women, is only partly true. This means, that as lady who can not distinguish dog handlers from the cameraman, as too abstruse woman, will in the same way annoying men. Ideally, a man looking a little dumber woman than himself. This does not mean that if you're smarter, you should address to the futuristic lab to erase some of the information from your brain. You can not be silly, but you must seem silly. That is, you have not point out you man at his mistakes, and sometimes assign the birth of brilliant ideas to his brain, despite the fact that it was exactly you, who gave the birth to them.

What quality can wipe all your dignities? Untidiness. Forgetting to wash your hair, knotting strands in a sloppy bunch, forgetting to brush your teeth or apply makeup (we will not even recall here about such an important point in the care of the body as epilation) you are risking to push away potential prince. Remember: even leaving the house to take out the trash you have to look like a queen. In fact it can be happen, that your potential lover will pass by the garbage cans or even driving through on his own limo precisely at that moment when you disheveled, with unshaven legs and not washed out makeup from yesterday's party will run blazing to his limousine, swinging with bucket which exudes a miasma. And what prince will do? That's right, he will pass by.

So, the first point on which modern man will pay attention - this is not beauty, it's - determination, initiative and openness. That is, the men in our time, often get acquainted only in the Internet and so do not see farther than their noses. Therefore, attract his attention. Yeah, maybe for the rest of the points you do not get through, but you'll exactly know: to spend time on this particular man or to target on new.

ideal womanThe second thing that the future ideal need to learn - ability to behave in the bed at the same time familiarly and chastely and each time discovering something new. Open not even yourself, as well as learn from your men, and loudly be silent admiring of his abilities. No, it's not a misprint, exactly loudly and be silent. That is, you should not flatteringly paint the man what kind of giant and tiger he is, let your flushed cheeks, flaming lips and shine of your eyes speak for you.

ideal womanAnd third: never even thinks of criticism toward men. You can teach him, inexperienced, with praise. That is, if he did - he is worthy of praise, and if have not done - then he will see you upset and sadly sighing. To cheer him up, tell that you know how it is hard for him, but do not cease to sigh. The next time he will turn the mountains. Just do not forget to praise him generously. Even worse for men is public criticism. A man will run without looking back of a woman, who publicly hinted at his lack.

ideal womanThis is only general qualities that appreciate all the men and outwardly each of them has his own ideal (as we women have). Someone likes busty brunettes, and someone - thin blonde, some are crazy of red beasts, and someone is dreaming of a gray mouse or fat laughs. You just have to find in this variety, those man who is the ideal exactly for you. It's fine, if he is the embodiment of your dreams too. To be honest, in most cases so happens, thus good luck to you in search of your second half!

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