Barrels - a great alternative to banks for pickles


In nature, all processes take place with astonishing clarity and are subject to certain laws, etc.When in use, unlike human - effective. All natural processes, such as agriculture have a strong seasonality, at least in northern latitudes in spring - sown in the summer - vegetation and care, in the fall - harvest. As you can see, this list is not winter, as the weather conditions in this period is not conducivegrowing comfort any crops except greenhouse. Therefore, as is customary in our people, in the winter need to stock the products, and that they are preserved, they must be prepared in the form of pickles. In the course of such training in any normal hostess in the pantry for the winter will be full of jars with pickles, tomatoes, peppers, and so on.d. The alternative "glass conservation" can serve as a way to store the product in salt or pickled form, in wooden barrels - tubs. known since the days of Kievan Rus, and many older people who have had the opportunity to relax in the summer with my grandmother in the village will remember in the pantry huge oak barrels (often up to 200 liters), which in RAssole swim delicious cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage. Harvested products so for its taste a cut above their glass counterparts. This option is still relevant today, even in an urban environment: instead of a huge 200-liter drum, you can use a small (15 to 50 liters) of the tub. In an oak container nroiskhodit these processes occur salting or pickling products. In addition, the tree adds a unique flavor and energy fueling product. No wonder that quality wines are stored exclusively in oak barrels. Wood - a natural, environmentally friendly material that will last in your household more than a dozen years,making winter food shortage quality flavor.

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