The history of the Bolshoi Theater

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On a beautiful square in the heart of Moscow is the Bolshoi Theatre –   at mostthere was a temple of Russian culture. Bolshoi Theatre – is the pride of the whole of Russia, it is one of the most izvestnh opera and ballet theaters in the world and is in the 1st row to « lumps » world theater: English « Covent Garden » and Italian « La Scala & raquo ;. In short, the Bolshoi Theatre has nepereotsenimoe importance for Russia.We can only admire its beautiful building that is an outstanding example of Russian architecture and with bated breath to enjoy its unsurpassed creativity. Way tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre are available at the website:.

The history of the Bolshoi Theater

History BOlsha majestic theater and confusing. So, for example, at the Bolshoi Theater 2nd date of birth: March 1776 and January 1825. How did this happen? It was like this:

The provincial prosecutor Prince Pyotr Urusov in March 1776, received the assent of the Empress Catherine the second of the content of theatrical concerts, performances and masquerades. Latestthat is, the prince began to build the house, which was on Peter's Square, in consequence of which he was named Petrovsky. But unfortunately, the 1st Russian theater that was in Moscow on the Great Peter's Street burned down even before its opening, which in turn led to a decline in cases of Prince. Next Prince Urusov transferred all cases Englishman Michael Maddox, catory was his companion. It is thanks to Maddox in a vacant lot, in spite of all wars and fires up the theater, which remained in history as the Great.

Petrovsky Theatre, built Maddox stood quarter of a century, but in 1805, burned down. In the years 1821-1824 for the Bolshoi Theatre project Beauvais and Mikhailov built monumental buildingss that we have the opportunity to witness this day. So at the Theatre Square appeared eight-theater with a chariot of Apollo - a magnificent building built in the classical style, according to contemporaries, was one of the best theaters in Europe and second only to Italian « La Scala & raquo ;. And it opened in JanuaryD 1825

The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the best theater buildings in the world. So five-tiered auditorium shyrokoizvesten excellent acoustics and its size (2,153 seats). The hall is decorated with paintings on the ceiling, gilded moldings and a large multi-tiered crystal chandelier. The length of the hall - 25 meters, height - 21 meters,   Width - 26 metmoat. Immediately in front of the Bolshoi Theater is square with a fountain.

Throughout its existence, the Bolshoi Theatre has been the center of Russian ballet and opera art and his fame has long moved beyond the Russian Federation.

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