How to determine the size of children's shoes


Each of us familiar with the problem of choice of footwear. Someone this problem is solved quite quickly, but some reqDimo too much time to decide. Basically, it refers to women who search for good quality and design ideas shoe is one of the favorite activities. This of course, is quite a tedious task, but it really compensated worthy acquisition. This position seems to us, must prevail in youngs parents with respect to the choice of shoes for his child. Words are not loud, because the child's body (and his leg in particular) are actively growing and developing, so it needs high quality and, most importantly, the right size shoes. Size criterion is one of the most important in the selection of children's shoes, because it affects the size ofspace that protects the foot of the child and allows it to develop properly and comfortably. Fuel to the fire, so to speak, adds here and the fact that each child a kind of leg (or rather foot), with a different elevation and width. Besides, the presence on the market of footwear and even from different manufacturers in different countries introducing an element of surprise, necause dimensional system in different countries - different, and the same numerical size, for example, in the EU and the US differ markedly in real length. Therefore, in order to choose the right caring parents should know and be guided in most running dimensional grids. There are only three (most used):

  • metric . By using this system to determine the correct size are oriented to foot length in centimeters. Is in use in the countries of the CIS, which uses the metric system of measurement;
  • Shtrihmassovaya or French . Is in use in the EU, as well as a singleTzu measure is the so-called bar whose length is equal to 2/3 of an inch;
  • in English or inch . Stands out because in England, unlike other countries, is not used metric and inch system of coordinates. Unit of measurement - the average (standard) length of the foot is newborn. Gradation of sizes in increments of 1/3 inch.

Unfortunately the modern market is full of shoes, the size of which is often not identical with any of the conventional system, therefore, in any case, before you buy must be careful to follow the fitting. In the end, it affects the health of your child, aswould be loud as it may sound.

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