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sank into oblivion a time when travel abroad was only possible in exceptional SLNtea. Today the whole world is open, and the presence of certain financial capacity, as well as registration permits anyone can go wherever he deigns soul. Naturally, for a comfortable stay in another country, no matter for what reason you were there (vacation, work or permanent residence), you must, at least at a conversational level snat language. This is true for any country, not the exception, and our neighbors in the former Soviet bloc, and now the representatives of the EU - Estonians. Despite the fact that many (especially of the older generation) understand the Russian language, the state rather zealously supports and protects the native Estonian. Therefore, stay for tourism, business withcooperation and especially the desire to obtain a residence permit, requires knowledge of the Estonian language. The language belongs to the Finno-Ugric group, has several dialectical forms and a strong influence on the part of the Finnish language, so at first glance, is quite complicated to study and perception. Nevertheless, thanks to the scientific approach and correctly organizesAnna training program being implemented in the type Keeleklikk, provides an effective result. A special feature of this course is that the focus is not on the systematic memorization, and the organization of unpretentious, fun and exciting pastime, accompanied by a study of the Estonian language. Another important factrum in favor Keeleklikk, is its operating distance learning programs (in the form of online courses), which, moreover, is free. Any person taking part in the program Keeleklikk, can surely learn Estonian at beginner level (on a scale of 0 to A2).

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