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The tree is probably the oldest building material on earthe. It is actively used even in our, modern, full plastic world. The presence of wooden structural elements provides many advantages (eco-friendly, well-ventilated material) compared with modern materials. If you use wood for facades, buildings, floor or furniture - you'll never regret it,because the tree is always in trend. We draw your attention to the scope of this tree as the production floor and one of the most stylish of its species - parquet. Many are accustomed to seeing such a floor, as a combination of small wooden planks in the Christmas tree order. Nevertheless, parquet need not be stacked or herringbone such small sizes. This board can be a long, similar to the laminate, or very long, like a wooden plank floor. Special expertise in manufacturing and supplying of parquet boards owns Swedish company K?hrs (K ä hrs). In this market segment, the company has been operating for nearly a hundred and fifty years, which could affect the breadth of knowledge, impressedyuschem experience and technological equipment. K ä hrs throughout its history fought for their exceptional quality parquet boards, resulting in a higher price, higher quality materials and workmanship, and rightly occupied a leading position in the premium segment. In fact, it happened at the dawn of its development, the Vedass parquet boards produced by K ä hrs, at the beginning of the last century could afford only wealthy people. The result was a century and a half of existence finding truly unique and advanced technologies. Thus, modern flooring K ä hrs - it is not just a piece of wood plate and high-tech, multi-layerproduct. What really distinguishes the K ä hrs compared to other manufacturers, can be grouped as follows:

  • the use of expensive, high-quality wood species;
  • processing within the factory;
  • modernsystem connecting the individual boards and much more).

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