Vydy 3D TVs


Have you ever thought about the fact that a is a modern TV. LJuba standard video (so it is called) - is primarily a combination of pictures (image plane), alternated with some frequency. Qualitatively different type of video signal transmission is implemented in the so-called 3D TV technology. Its main feature is the translation of the so-called three-dimensional image using the implementeda different way of stereoscopic effect. The idea is not new to put it mildly, because even in the nineteenth century stereo used to create optical illusions. In addition, in the nineteenth century was the prototype of the first stereofotoapparata, in the middle of the past - the first attempt to implement viewing 3D movies in theaters. Then attempts to implement the plans are notgive the expected results due to the imperfection of technology and cost. In any case, each device using the stereo (in this case, the liquid crystal TV) seeks to recreate the image obtained by binocular (ie, each of the two eyes separately perceive the world around, and the two pictures in the brain thiefcombined into one). By the way you can in the online store "Telemax". All presently existing output device may be divided into two basic types:

Stereoscopic TV

At the heart of the action is the formation of individual images for each of the two eyes. Usually require viewingand video special glasses (passive or active), there is nevertheless a stereoscopic view, which does not require auxiliary accessories and can independently send the desired light beam to the right eye;

Volume TVs

Do not use glasses or separation of the light beams. Effectivenesst is achieved by the physical transmission mechanism in a screen image (e.g., in a plane).

Today this or that technology use and develop almost all the leading manufacturers of televisions.

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