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In today's world is not a simple majority of operations in different lotors of the economy are increasingly moving into the digital world. Now trading platform is not a real physical space and virtual space reserved for digital protected resources. Such precautions are related to the fact that significantly increased amounts, are in the circulation. Changed and how the turnover of money, and so onakzhe ways relationships subjects virtual market. To date, the supply and demand for the products of a market entity, depends on the value of the subject. In other words, from quotations of its shares (securities) on the stock market and the stock exchange. The most famous and popular platform for operations with shaftUtah and securities is Forex (Forex). System of relationships (transactions) Forex presupposes an intermediary (broker) who, on behalf of the client performs these operations and, accordingly, is from this income in the form of commissions. Biggest brokers, including the Forex market in Ukraine waspsoboe takes place, also carried out the regulatory functions of the market. Despite the relatively young brokerage experience, RoboForex provides its clients with a rather broad opportunities and guarantee the security of the transactions in foreign currency accounts. Using RoboForex provides a real opportunity AppUse This Criterion for trading different currencies, apply a broad range of support tools on mutually beneficial terms. RoboForex - this is a great broker for experienced customers and beginners players.

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