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I'm sure everyone has heard the well-known assertiontion about these men held - "plant a tree, build a house, raise a son." The first (about a tree) - is virtually hassle-free option, both financially and physically, it would wish. Grow a good son - this is not an easy job that will require you a lot of effort, and throughout life, because npractice has grown over the years, it does not mean the adult in the mind. But the construction of the house occupies an intermediate position, both in time and in the physical effort. What can be said about the financial side of the issue, because even an apartment in high-rise building is quite decent, but what can we say about your own home. In the process of Constructorsstva great attention is paid to the cost of materials and labor - the so-called or estimate work, which is one of the determining factors when choosing a company-builder. Pricing mechanism in construction is not something separate and in many ways has the same principles as in other sectors of the economy and production. In Constructiove, there are three main factors that have an influence on the formation of a quotation: the cost of production and sale, market supply and demand, pricing the developers.

Any pricing - a comprehensive step by step process, consisting of the following main steps:

  • analfrom the market on the demand;
  • preliminary estimated cost calculation (called the lower price threshold);
  • analysis of the market for competition;
  • choice of methods of price formation and the calculation of the upper price threshold;
  • approval of pricing policy;
  • statement of current prices.

The structure of prices in the construction consists of three main components:

  • direct costs (the cost of materials, equipment operation, salary);
  • consignment notecosts (costs of organizing the construction, its management and maintenance);
  • planned savings (estimated or planned profit company builder).

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