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We all now live in the fourteenth year of the twenty-first century, but, nevertheless,Such a problem as a lack of hot water continues to haunt our society. This is especially noticeable in the post-Soviet space. The reasons are quite simple, in fact, there are only two interrelated reasons:

  • state district heating is extremely terrifying, necessitating ntinuous repairs and save on consumers;
  • housing more countries measure consists of brick and panel developments 20-25-year-old, which is used for district heating and regulations (eg safety) equipment can not be an individual heating system andhot water.

Out of this situation is - install an electric water heater, or in common - the boiler. It certainly does not solve the issue of service quality heating your home, but always save you from problems with the availability of hot water. Fortunately, the market is quite wide and consists of nThis product should, both domestic and imported. Such a huge range, sometimes posing a potential buyer in an awkward position, since the choice of high-quality water heater (on a combination of design and price characteristics) - is also a crucial step. Let's try a few to help you in choosing the heater to draw your attention tothe most important in terms of characteristics of the operating conditions. Firstly, you should consider the type of electric heater. Here are two options:


By the advantages include instant hot water to the desired temperature. But this heater requires electrical power from 5 to 20kW, which is in the normal pre-fabricated house is practically impossible to implement;


It does not require heavy-duty wiring. The active element (TEN) heats a specific volume of water (from 10-15 to 300 liters) at a cost that needs to be heated again. The choice of this type of heater seems Wholesaleca ure in the current circumstances, so we draw your attention to the classification and grading Electric storage heaters. When choosing such a boiler should consider the operating environment (kitchen or bathroom, the number of people in the apartment, etc.). The basic parameters should include:

  • Boiler capacity . There are three categories: small (10-15 L), medium (20-150 liters), large (over 200 hp);
  • Type PETN . There are two types: wet (direct contact with the water volume), dry (heater placed in a glass tube);
  • Material tankand (enamel or stainless steel);
  • Form Factor (cylinder, rectangle, slim);
  • Location (vertical, horizontal).

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