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Every day we visit the magicianazines (with food, clothing, with home appliances), filled with various products, but are unlikely to pay attention to and reflect on all those where the products are produced and how it came to this very store. The entire list of products that are on the market (in the broadest sense of the word) is one of two global origins:

  • domestic consumer products, that is produced and transported in this country;
  • imported products, that is, profit on the domestic market from abroad.

Any product that crosses the border of the state,subject to special customs clearance for the recovery of the current fee (tax). To the goods quickly and without incident across the border, registration must be extremely accurate and correct. To aid in the design of the necessary documentation exists a customs institution (body) as. It can be physical or juridmatic person (commercial organization), to perform mediation between the owner of the goods and the customs. All relationships between a broker and his client are solely on a legal contractual basis, for which the broker receives income in the form of commissions. Since the broker is a person interested and more informed, CRFrmlenie cargo and crossing their borders significantly simplified and accelerated. The main functions performed by the broker, the following:

  • Declaration of goods, drafting necessary permits;
  • providing custom kit requireddocumentation;
  • the provision for inspection of goods;
  • additional control oformitelnye operation.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the broker must look for in advance and carefully.

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