Jewellery: silver rings


Since ancient times, man has sought to decorate their bodies and clothing. Neuveazhno who it was: a woman who is probably at the genetic level tends to beauty and adorn themselves in all ways, or man, for whom decoration, as in ancient times, and at the present stage served as an indicator of status in the family and society. Material and composition, design elements ornaments varied, depending on the level of development Tsivilization. Nevertheless, a form of decoration remains valid at all times - this ring. Is precisely for this form of some universal explanation, but the relevance of their rings are not lost, and probably will not lose ever. At all times, the presence of a ring on the finger talk about some position in society (not available in view of Engagemente-ring), and its shape and richness of decoration and even more so. Despite the fact that the most popular material for the mandrel (actually rings) is a gold material, there is one which is not much inferior and it has, besides some sacral and therapeutic significance. This material is silver. now can practically everyone, while goldring can afford not all. It is characterized by exquisite white flowers, colorful shimmering in the sunlight. Variety of shapes, a combination of metal and inlaid stones makes a wide range of choice immensely. You have access to works of art creations of jewelers that can satisfy all tastes, both women andmen. Apart from the purely decorative function, silver ring automatically brings more and healing. As an exclusive hypoallergenic material, silver at all times used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.

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