The procedure for cartridge refilling Printer Samsung


Sooner or later, your printerstop all print or print quality is poor. Most often it is said that time would have to fill the ink cartridge. Indicate that the toner is running out, and you can refill cartridge, the following:

  • appearance « white » vertical stripes in the nechati;
  • on the leaves appear gray vertical bar.

The procedure for filling the print cartridge in the following sequence:

  • Diagnostics;
  • disassembly;
  • Remove the toner;
  • cleaning and polishing of details;
  • filling quality interchangeable cartridges;
  • reverse cartridge assembly;
  • testing.

Each cartridge passes diagnostics and refueling etc.rohodit procedure barcoding - it allows you to set who, when and on what equipment tamper with the cartridge.

Most of the modifications of printer cartridges (and Samsung is no exception) - have a built-in chip that protects him from filling. This in turn pushes the consumer to purchase newof the cartridge, the price reaches the price of a new printer. Irvine Company offers a solution to this problem and the ability to bypass the protection cartridge refills on time.

In addition, the opportunity to use an already refilled cartridge without a protective chip - can not do without flashing the printer.
REMEMBERSE: or flashing the printer must be carried out by experts, otherwise most likely technique can be thrown on the garbage dump.

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