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Gone are the days of savings banks and the Central Bank. They certainly have not gone away and paBotha, as before, a range of financial institutions with which potential investors can deal significantly expanded. To replace or compete with state banks had numerous commercial banking institution with its own registered capital and suggestions. Today, all over Russia, a representative office,wherein in one city may be several branches of the same bank or different (depending on the number of population or the infrastructure development). But there is one bank that is in some way different from the rest - a bank or TCS Tinkoff. This bank can, in principle, be called the first network or internet bank in the country. Explained by the fact that almost all their activities on lending and deposit operations of the Bank carries out on the Internet. He certainly has a physical central office located in Moscow, but completely absent network of branches and ATMs, although its activities the bank carries out all over the country. The main share of the bank's activities for xoditsya for lending, but also launched production of its own credit and debit cards. Lending and the use of credit funds through has its obvious advantages:

  • for registration cards do not need to collect a variety of reference;
  • Drawit can be on the site of the bank anywhere in the country, besides the bank also carries out its delivery to the desired location;
  • extended period of preferential use and limit credit.

In addition, the bank Tinkoff is in step with the times and makes it possible to use the somewhatto the types of credit cards, depending on the type of occupation or intended use: Platinum, Billing, Tinkoff Airlines, Tinkoff Classmates and other.

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