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The regular, high-quality sex life is aboutsometimes a strong couple. But as it often happens in our stressful time problems arise quite often, and this is no exception intimate side of life of any person and any pair as intimate sex life. Due to many reasons, such as physical, age, or mental, arise and develop differentie sexual pathology, which is intended to solve. What is involved in this specialist, ie are first sexual disorders and their causes? All intimate disorder, anyway, can be divided into the following groups:

  • breach of attraction;
  • violations inzbuzhdeniya;
  • breach of orgasmic sensations;
  • pain symptoms.

As you can see, despite the general thematic underpinnings, doctor sex therapist has to solve quite a variety of tasks. The first group of disorders include pathology, communicationTED with a reduction or denial of the need for normal sexual intercourse. A large share of the responsibility should be to lay down in this case to the wrong sex education (if at all practiced in our country) and the influence of pornographic content. The second group of disorders characterized by a greater extent for men (impotence), andthird - for women (anorgasmia, the inability to have an orgasm). All these problems are without, both psychological and physical basis (depression, illness, old age). A qualified doctor sex therapist can help you cope with their problems.

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