What is a Business English


To know English is not just good, but is vital in today's market and society. Explainedthe fact that the English language - it is actually the language of the world market, science, business and culture. He is a universal means of communication between different cultural and social groups. But as is often the case (this is especially typical for the English language), the same word has several meanings that could fundamentallyto differ, depending on the semantic and thematic content (eg in engineering and business sphere). Therefore, for people working in business, especially international, is extremely important to know not just the English language, namely, business English. In circumstances where it is necessary to conduct the negotiation process, to carry out a variety of presentations, exhibitione event fluency in conversational speech is too short for an objective assessment of the situation. After all, is not a secret that any sphere of activity (engineering, politics, education), and business is no exception, There is well-established their spoken and conceptual form. Knowledge, a clear understanding and manipulation of them, lets notOnly clearly understand and explain your thoughts, but also will cause your interlocutor fair share of respect. Any language, regardless of its teaching methodology includes the following major sections: a presentation of the negotiations, correspondence, business trip, communication. This course will be very useful to lawyers, managers, and, of course,top managers, IT professionals, secretaries, and other health care providers.

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