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In recent years increasingly popular young people's desire to get toQualitative education abroad. Education in foreign universities, colleges, allows you to get a diploma of the European sample, which greatly enhances the way for employment, especially in the old Europe. In addition, studies in a foreign country - it is also a great opportunity to learn a foreign language in its natural environment, the use of (o pThe user knowledge of foreign languages ??and can not speak). But among all the possible options to choose exactly what your, educational institution, where you can get a better education? Objectively, the best education in Europe is available from the British higher and secondary educational institutions. The whole world knows such a prestigious university Englishs, as Cambridge or Oxford. In addition, Britain has given the world many prominent scientists, Nobel Prize winners, scientific discoveries. All these facts confirm once again the quality and clarity of the whole system. It is obvious that the education system of the United Kingdom creates all the necessary conditions for the development of abilities and personal growth. Sisthe topic of education in England has its own characteristics that should be considered all who wish to study here. The education system consists of three stages - primary, secondary and higher education. That is, to begin training in English schools can freely seven years. Naturally, foreigners can attend only paid private schools, which are often divideds by gender (school only for girls or boys). There are quite a few schools and the payment they may be radically different from the two thousand pounds per trimester in small schools, five thousand - in the prestigious. Secondary specialized (professional) and, especially, higher education is possible under certain conditions, tomong which a mandatory one-year preparatory program and a test of English proficiency. In general, it's pretty difficult and responsible, but if you do your best and still get into the coveted high school, college or high school, you will open many hitherto not available opportunities. In order to facilitate the process of formation of candidates and searchnecessary documents, there are numerous intermediary organizations involved in device pupils and students in British schools.

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