Posture correction

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Under the definition of posture is commonly understood, the position of the human body, which is his habit in motionI and tranquility. It should be noted that in this case it is meant the vertical position of the body, which is formed on a subconscious level reflex. In view of this, the formation of posture occurs at the genetic level, that is, there is a certain predisposition to a particular normal posture. Nevertheless, the posture does not possess Liebof constancy and change depending on the way of life and external factors affecting the constitution of the body. This also means that lends itself to correcting posture, through the development of the body (musculoskeletal system). The value of posture in the life of any person is difficult to overestimate, both in terms of general health (unloading of the musculoskeletal system)and in terms of psychology. On the severity of violations of human posture adopted classified as follows:

  • normal posture;
  • flat spin (a characteristic feature is the absence (or low severity) curves of the spine at characteristic points);
  • round back (is characterized by pronounced disorders as kyphosis and thoracic lumbar lordosis;
  • slouch (the predominant disorder is kyphosis of the thoracic and scoliotic curvature.

Posture is the product of aamosovershenstvovaniya and should be systematically developed and instilled from an early age. However, if there is a problem so it can also be systematically addressed. Set of measures to include physical (gymnastics, stretching, strength training, swimming) and psychological components. In addition, actively used, so-called aorrektory posture - flexible indexing, forming a stereotype provisions of Parts tela.Ka

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