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information card or business card is a tool and a source of infor-mation about a particular person or company in a corporate business environment, as well as the source of this information exchange, which directly contributes to the establishment of business contacts and develop as individuals and businesses in general. Any card should contain all the minimum necessary information to make contact with an individual or entitywho own business cards. This amount of information typically includes name, company name (you can use the logo of the organization), occupation, contact details (postal address, landline and mobile phones, fax, e-mail or other online communication tools such as ICQ, Skype). Incidentally order in Moscow, you canin the printing « A Digital & raquo ;. Classification of all cards occurs on several criteria, the most important of which - the scope of the material of manufacture, shape and size.

According to the scope of business cards come in three main groups:


Their sphere of use,usually limited to no business contacts, acquaintances and free communication. As personal business cards using the so-called civilian employees - freelancers;


Business cards of this type are used for advertising and presentation of companies, not individuals. They must be furnished in withance with corporate standards and style of the enterprise;


The most popular group and, thus, the most stringent in terms of design and content. Has popularized in the business community and serves as a contact for the exchange of data between organizations and individuals. It is mandatory to be imestit all necessary contact information about a person or company.

The material for the production of business cards is cardboard, plastic or paper, on which depends: Will card is cheap or expensive. In addition, may be in use a small souvenir made of wood or metal plates. Sizeseparate business card defined by international standards (DIN, ISO), but may deviate in any direction. For example, the most popular format is 90h55, although in terms of advertising ideal is 85h54 (credit card size).

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