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The modern scientific and technological progress dictates the conditions and methods of achieving the desired qfirs. Whereas before, for the promotion of any product or activity or a loved one, use the services of print and telemedia means of disseminating information, but now the whole amount of information passing through the network (Internet, World Wide Web). Any serious project, the person, the company must have a website on the Internet. This is not a fad,not a fad, but an objective necessity in the fiercely competitive market conditions, because here (in the network) is concentrated almost all the information. Therefore, having your own website, you can regularly communicate to your potential customers and all the latest information you need. But as this world is changing rapidly, you must constantly accetstvovat its terms, the move in the market, create new offers that zavlekut new customers. One of these methods improve the performance of the site is its optimization on search parameters (SEO). is a range of activities aimed at the fact that there was more optimized in terms of queries in search enginesx (Google, Yandex). That is, to secure for your website a set of key phrases, phrases that, when the search request would push the lead site search rankings. Or, in other words, to create a website the highest possible search engine rankings, which significantly increases the chances of a visit to its target audience. Optimization requires the foundersnogo approach and may be one of the following methods: registration in catalogs ranking search engines, link exchange, moderation in social networks, blogirovanie, posting useful content.

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