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The college is one of the types of educational institutions. Associated primarilye all, with the western countries (USA, UK, France) and this is a totally logical explanation, because the first such institutions arose in the United Kingdom in the distant Middle Ages. Modern training kolledzhnoe distributed mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom (represent a stage of preparation for adult humanoh life), although other countries are no exception. In addition, the recent emergence of colleges observed in post-Soviet states. In Western countries, the very concept of college is multifaceted and, in principle, can have three options:

  • high school with in-depth study of subjects (n analogueashih gymnasiums and lyceums);
  • between school and higher education institution (an analogue of vocational and technical schools);
  • higher education institution (a division of the university).

The last two categories include obtaining proforientirovannogo imageIAOD that is, in fact, the student may consider himself a student, and this implies, and the opportunity to study by correspondence or distance - this currently. In the post-college, for the most part, provide education, similar to the average professional. Therefore, even graduate who wants to get more competitiveth and stable demand profession, can undergo a training. The value of distance learning in college is the same as in high school - saving time and money. This gives you the opportunity to work in parallel and receive the second special education.

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