The growth of the world's population steadily leads to an increase in waste products, but alsoMenno waste. A large share of the blame in the spread and accumulation of waste is not strange, to scientific and technical progress. All those things that are designed to simplify our lives and that in unimaginable quantities bought every day, in fact only contribute to clogging the environment. Everything from the plastic bag, PET butyloto, food waste and to gadgets that every now and then break down and need replacement, neglecting ceases unbearable burden for the ecosystem, but, at the same time, can be successfully recycled and used again, as a material or biofuel. The use of waste (recycling and disposal) can solve global environmental problems, both in terms ofie excess debris and cost overruns of new materials. For more information on Recycling, visit the website:. Recycling plant value is difficult to overestimate, because:

  • stocks of resources on the planet are not unlimited, and many important (minerals) and did end in the foreseeable future;
  • most of the waste is not natural and, consequently, pollute the environment;
  • Many wastes may serve as a source of raw materials for new products.

All waste amenable vtorpererabotke, classified according to the base material: waste paper, glassflock, scrap metal, chemicals, petrochemicals, electronics, plastics, rubber, organic, wood, building materials, waste water. An integral part of the recycling process is their pre-sorting (preferably at the initial stage of collecting). In the end, is also used control system units (for example, metals from non-metalsand so on).

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