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Any, more or less, complex and overall design is inherently linked frame fastened together withoboj or other components of the filling material. For example, the evolution of the human body made of a highly complex system in all senses, that is, nevertheless, has the frame - the skeleton on which other parts are mounted and a binder material muscle. In construction for organizing such a steam system used: as afilling material - concrete, but as a scaffold - fittings. It binds to a solid concrete monolithic design accepts all resulting force (tension, compression, temperature, etc.). The most common material for reinforcement is a metal that for all its strength has one drawback - SCRonnost corrosion. It has recently been created a lot of materials based on carbon, armamidnogo, glass fiber - composites. It combines the advantages of metal (strength) and, at the same time, is resistant to corrosion. There are, of course, a significant disadvantage - composite materials significantly lose their strength with an increase intemperature. Applied, with an eye on their properties, in construction (to create a flexible framework (skeleton), especially in the winter), laying of roads, strengthening of rock mass (slopes, beaches). As in the case of the metal fitting, the configuration of the composite reinforcement has the form of a round bar with a wound (for adhesion to the concrete mass).depends on the material.

Classification of composite reinforcement occurs in production material:

  • GRP (TSA);
  • basalt (ABP);
  • carbon fiber (AUP);
  • Kevlar (AKP).

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