GSM modem for data transmission


Today's wireless technologies significantly beggedboiled exchange of information and transfer the necessary data to any distance. Become part of human consciousness such accessories and technologies for wireless Connection, like: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS. To organize such a link requires a set of special equipment, which definitely includes a repeater (source) and a receiver(Antenna, modem). For most people, wireless GSM modem (or other technologies) are strongly associated small USB flash drive-signal receiver. However, for industrial purposes GSM wireless technology significantly more complicated and has large dimensions, respectively, and functional characteristics. Any (terminal), etc.edstavlyaet a unit that combines slots for SIM cards, standard connectors of RS-232 or RS-485 interface, antenna and power supply. Brain modem - a radio, organized processors ARM7 or ARM9. Controlling with the standard and extended AT commands. The execution GSM modem can be as external unitm, and embedded (such as PC cards). Scope of industrial wireless technology based on GSM modems is wide and includes, inter alia, the following areas:

  • vehicles (control of movement, search for a location);
  • AMR (dispatching metering of energy resources);
  • Telecommunications (collection, processing, transmission of information);
  • utilities, oil and gas and heavy industry (control, management and accounting processes remote way);
  • banking (data from ATMs, cash registers and aboutchee).

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