Installing CCTV in apartment


Installation tools videoobservation room or the surrounding area occurs in two main objectives:

  • videofiksatsii all that is happening in the room (apartment, house, garage, etc.);
  • video recording of what is happening at a location nearby (porch and yardetc.).

The reasons for the installation of cameras and thus solve the above problems can be many:

  • oversee the work of   behavior of domestic staff (domestic workers, nurses, nurses);
  • predotvraschenie or commit crimes or acts of vandalism at a location nearby (especially in the hallways of apartment buildings);
  • supervision of a child playing in the yard or on the playground;
  • observation for sick relatives;
  • Babyfor its own fleet;
  • Protection of apartments, in the end, and so on.
, homes, offices must be done by professionals, for example by Video Group, which is also in the future will maintain the operating system vieweonablyudeniya and carry out repair and maintenance work, if necessary.

Modern kits allow you to view video surveillance, not only at home but also remotely via the web on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. To date, long range and scope-commutative hidden video surveillance systems is quite wide, but still has a common basic elements:

  • video camera (video recording device);
  • monitor (a device that allows you to view the incoming video and audio);
  • DVR (device for processing and storing information from a video camera and display the contents of the monitor);
  • Cabling and wiring kit (for the connection between a major component);
  • power supply.

Ctem differ in features: signal quality, the possibility of transmission of sound, color, remote use and the presence of additional functions. Video surveillance is not a necessity, but, nevertheless, can sometimes protect your family and property.

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