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Your old cell phone is already hooked or just have a desire to succeeds image - then advised to stop his views on choosing a smartphone. - It is actually a mobile phone, but significantly augmented functional Pocket PC (PDA).

It's no secret that all mobile phones in addition to the basic functions - the actual connection - there is always more like a calculator,calendar, etc. But time does not stand still in the era of indiscriminate spread of the Internet, regular employment and increased demands of consumers and, consequently, the technological capabilities of manufacturers enter the market more and more mobile devices. In view of the significantly increased functionality, this group of vehicles made nazyvats the term "smartphone" or smart phone. In a time when almost every house has a personal computer and its presence is associated either with the need, work, or with entertainment and a tendency to minimize the device may have a phone with a functional small computer seems quite attractive. What is the difference smartand from normal dialer? Firstly, it is installed "on board" its own operating system (Android, Bada, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile and others) that allows current models to solve problems that go far beyond the purely telephone. This is a work e-mail and the Internet, the ability to read and write texte files, advanced built-in camera app to play media files and much more. In addition, the presence of its own operating system, allows you to constantly develop new games and applications for your devaysa.

So, if you've decided to change my life, to leave behind the peak Polyfonizirovany device communication - do not hesitate, feel free to buy a smart phone, the more that choice is very, very happy!

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