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braces are called complex designs used for the correction of the position of human teeth - bite, unevenness of zubnogof the series. Bracket system is a set of plates (braces), placed on a common arc. Sami plate disposed on an inner or outer side of the tooth (as appropriate), and fixed with a special adhesive (bond). The arc plates which are joined together, made from a material at appropriate memoryth form. The resistance force that returns to its original position arc slowly tends to equalize the entire dentition. Field of science covering issues anomalies of the teeth-jaw system, as well as their prevention, called orthodontics. Advantageously, the specialist orthodontist is addressing these problems in children, but if problems such asvykrivlenie or protrusion of the jaw, overbite, broadly, the presence of cracks between the teeth, were not corrected in childhood, do not despair - modern technology and expertise to help you find a Hollywood smile.

Nowadays there are a wide variety of braces, which are classified according to the following criteria:

  • manufacturer;
  • material (metals, alloys, composites, ceramics);
  • way of fixing plates;
  • the location of the tooth plate (external or internal);
  • method of bonding between the plates soboth (ligature and bezligaturnye).

Orthodontic correction of dentition - a lengthy process, the duration of which depends on the individual and the state of the patient's dentition and can last from one to two years. With this processing time plays a significant role aestheticallyst system here ceramic brackets have a clear advantage over classical metal braces.

The advantages of ceramic brackets:

  • aesthetic component;
  • low profile;
  • strength;
  • reliable mounting.

In addition, when using bezligaturnyh ceramic systems, enhancing the usability oral care, assembly and disassembly for the correction procedure reduces the load on the periodontium. Contraindications for this procedure there is little, but, nevertheless, before installingFirst you must make panoramic images and slipki jaws.

Elegant ceramic bracket system - is the way to irresistible smile!

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