Repair welding inverters


For metal welding them together must first be heated to evapurs melting. This process is carried out by an electrical discharge - the welding arc. In order to stabilize the melting process and to obtain a homogeneous structure and properties of the weld, ensure stable combustion, power and immunity to interference of the arc. For this purpose, modern welders use weldingsecond unit inverter type. This scheme has obvious advantages in comparison with transformers and rectifiers: minimizing the size of the unit, the qualitative improvement of the arc characteristics, minimum spatter and smooth control. But they also have weaknesses that often affect the breakdown: sensitivity to dust overload phases.And on the causes of failures of devices of this type will tell us Sidorov KP - employee Welding Zone, which carries.

The main reasons for failures inverters can be identified:

  • failure to machine operating conditions, diversion;
  • Bad contact connecting elements;
  • mechanical damage to the cable, housing, winding;
  • dust, chips due to non-compliance with health standards in the workplace;
  • abnormality apparatus, incorrect parameters welding current;
  • too long work;
  • failure to comply with the necessary preventive measures.

Repair inverters can be reduced to a preventive cleaning, simple activities on their own (for example, dust or bad tontakte elements), but serious damage to require treatment in a specialized organization.

For quality repairs must comply with the following conditions:

  • highly qualified repairman;
  • availability of specialized equipment and tools, spares parts;
  • the necessary documentation.

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