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Knitwear - a textile web,   is structurallypresent a connected loop of synthetic, cotton, wool or silk fibers in various combinations. As a result of this arrangement, the material has properties such as flexibility and softness, well stretched, curled edge. To impart other properties of the web, for example, reducing the tendency to stretch, educationof fleece, knitted structure, along with the loop elements can form straight or curved units. Best jersey do in Ivanovo. And buy from the manufacturer for the whole family, you can online store "GRANDSTOK".

Classify jersey can be several groups of characteristics:

  1. The structure (class weaves elements) - the main, arbitrary, patterned, combined;
  2. The method for producing - kulirny, warp;
  3. The number of structural layers - single-layer, multi-layered.

Light industry allowsusing different machines and methods to obtain the following main types of knitwear: kulirnaya surface, Riba, kashkorse, interlock.
Knitted fabrics are widely used for sewing quality and inexpensive clothing. Fabric is widely used in the manufacture of:

  • Baby Clothing (various KOFpoint, envelopes, romper suits from high quality fabrics at an affordable price, will create important for your baby - comfort);
  • clothes for preschoolers and adolescents (suits, shirts, shorts, sundresses, and more);
  • clothes for women and men;
  • Home and nightwear;
  • sportswear.

As you can see, the scope is quite extensive and it is due to several reasons:

  • knitwear Solid and durable material;
  • knitwear natural material;
  • knitwear provides excellent breathability of the skin and sweating;
  • clothing knitted soft, non-chafing, irritation, allergies.
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